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เสื้อป้องกันไฟฟ้าสถิตย์ (ESD Fabric/ Anti Static Material)

There are three optional design patterns, 5mm grid, 5mm grid, and 2.5mm grid, and four optional fabric types: antistatic ultra clean cloth, with 98% polyester + 2% conductive silk, antistatic TC, with 64% polyester + 35% cotton + 1% conductive fiber, antistatic TR, and antistatic CVC. Different type meets different requirement of static prevention and clean level.

Specifications of ES11401 ESD Fabric
Surface resistance 10e6 ~ 10e9 Ohm
Width: 1.5m
Yarn Count: 100D x 100D
Gram weight: 120g/m²

ES11401 ESD fabric is made from Belltron 9R conductive fiber cloth. It has excellent performance in preventing static and dust. It can be made into dust proof garment, antistatic garment, antistatic mask, antistatic glove, antistatic shoes or antistatic shoe cover, applicable to clean room with class 10 to 100 and widely used in industries of microelectronics, optoelectronics, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, precise instrument, aerospace and aviation, etc.

Our company is a specialized ESD fabric manufacturer in China. We also provide antistatic wrist strap, antistatic chair, antistatic polyester overcoat, disposable shoe cover, and much more.

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Electrostatic Prevention Cloth | ESD Drapery for Microelectronics Industry | Statically Electricity Prevention Fabric | Aerospace Industry Used Static-free Material

ESD Autoclavable Uniform
Antistatic Work Clothes

Antistatic Coverall / ESD Overall

Antistatic Jacket / ESD Clothes

Antistatic Polyester Overcoat
ESD Clothing

Antistatic Cotton Overcoat
ESD Work Clothes