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ปืนป้องกันไฟฟ้าสถิตย์ (Ionizer Air Gun/Ionizing Air Gun)

Compact, Integrated and Powerful Balanced to 0+/- 30V, the BFN-HFG9 ionizing blow-off gun combines exceptionally fast static decay capability with excellent balance stability.The gun  body is lightweight, but durable, Designed to protect most static sensitive devices, the HFG9 creates a reliable high frequency AC ionization output from a specialized piezo-ceramic transformer. A precision, sub-micron filter is optional for clean air or nitrogen delivery.

Ergonomic Design

Easy to hold, easy to use and easy to maintain; the BFN-HFG9 features am easy-pull trigger, making it comfort-able, even for extended uses.


  1. Bullet  High Frequency AC: + 30 volt balance.

  2. Bullet  Lightweight ergonomic design

  3. Bullet  Quick release air and power cables

  4. Bullet  Output alarm illuminates to alert high voltage failure

  5. Bullet  Optional 0.01 micron in-line air filter that maximizes cleaning potential

Specification of Ionizer Air Gun Model BFN-HFG9

Discharge Time:              1.0 Seconds at 6” and 30 psi (1000V to 100V)

                                          0.5 Seconds at 2” and 60 psi (1000V to 100V)

Unit Part Number:           BFN-HFG9

Power Input:                     AC 100V~240V, 50/60Hz.

Power Outlet:                    Un-fused, 0.5A or 1.0A max.

Ion Emission:                    AC, 68KHz.

Balance:                             + 30V

Line Current (at rest):       0.01 Amps

Emitter Point:                    Tungsten Alloy

Line Current (operation):  0.10 Amps.

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