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หัวเป่าป้องกันไฟฟ้าสถิตย์ (Ionizer Nozzle/Ionizing Nozzle)

Specification of Ionizer Overhead Model BFN-HFN9

  1. 1)Item: BFN-HFN9 High Frequency Ionizing Air Nozzle.

  2. 2)Patent: of Invention

  3. 3)Power: DC24V/500ma Output (power input AC220V (±15%) /50Hz or AC110 (±15%) /60Hz)

  4. 4)Operating Current: 0.15A (When in the highest speed)

  5. 5)Effective Coverage: 100~800mm.

  6. 6)Ion Balance: ≤±15V

  7. 7)Decay Time: ≤ 1.0S (100V decrease to 100 V, at 300mm. away the nozzle)

  8. 8)Test Condition: 25℃, humidity 55%, measure up with the EOS/ESD S3.1-2006 criterion

  9. 9)Operating Conditions: 0C~50℃(temperature), 20%~85% (relative humidity)

  10. 10) Ozone ContentL 0.002 ppm.

  11. 11) Windpipe connector spec: Diameter φ 6mm

  12. 12) Cable Length: 2M.

  13. 13) Color: Light Grey

  14. 14)Dimensions: W34mm x H45mm x D115mm

  15. 15)Material of Blower: ABS Fireproofing

  16. 16)Net Weight: 146g (Nozzle Body)

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